Draft Minutes 11 October 2021

Wigmore Group Parish Council

Minutes of the scheduled Parish Council Meeting Monday 11 October 2021 7.00pm at Wigmore Village Hall

Present: Cllrs Nick Davidson (ND) Chairman; Phil Brown (PB); Gwen Fraser (GF); Jayne Hodgetts (JH);
Leslie Knight (LK); Jan Malcolmson (JM) and David Warner (DW).

In attendance: 5 members of public, (2 after presentation), Ward Councillor Carole Gandy (CG), Maggie Brown, Clerk.

Presentation on proposed development, Perryfields, in Bury Lane. Given by Mr John Williams BA of PlanIT Planning and Development Ltd.
• Development is at pre-submission stage.
• Advice has been taken from Herefordshire Council.
• A Community Event will be arranged – format to be confirmed, after which a planning application will be submitted.
• Site approx. 1 hectare.
• It is intended to keep existing hedgerow along Bury Lane and have a wide landscape buffer to the west.
• Herefordshire Council did not encourage widening Bury Lane, but a new junction on the A4110, with a potential route through the site to Bury Lane is being considered.
• Mix of 1 and 2 storey dwellings, single storey planned for higher ground – nearer the A4110.
• 25 units proposed, 15 market and 10 affordable housing. Affordable units for low-cost market sale, built and sold with 30% – 40% discount to people with a local connection.
• Single phase of building suggested.
• Building materials have not been considered as outline consent would be sought. The site will be sold to a developer once outline permission is granted.
• A road right through the site is being considered rather than a cul-de-sac. This is being explored as a solution / improvement to Bury Lane.
• Noted: Access to the Pear Tree development is through Kings Meadow, not Bury Lane.
• The site slopes steeply down from the A4110. Surface water drainage may be an issue. Surface water will be directed to a storage pond. When it reaches a prescribed level, it will discharge into a ditch, and then into an existing watercourse.

The Chairman thanked Mr Williams for his presentation and opened the meeting.

1. Apologies were received from Cllr John Williams.
2. Declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations. PB declared an interest in item 6.1 as the application is his. No requests for dispensations received.

3. Open Session
3.1. In addition to her informative monthly report (see Appendix 2) Ward Cllr Carole Gandy advised that she is attending a Balfour Beatty briefing this week.
3.2. Views of residents on parish matters: A resident reported:
3.2.1. Seven concerned residents contacted the Village Hall (VH) Trustees and the Parish Council to ascertain why the lavatories at the VH had been closed to the general public. There was a discrepancy between replies from two separate Trustees. One said a grant application had been submitted, another that one had not and that arrangements should continue under the Memorandum of Understanding. There appear to be two Charities involved, 520996 Village Hall Wigmore and 1189883 Wigmore Village Community Centre. They have different sets of Trustees. Residents have concerns that one Trustee of 1189883 no longer lives in Wigmore, and wish to find out who owns the Hall.
3.2.2. The public right of way next to the bungalow by the Church is obstructed. ND advised this has been reported.
3.3. Reports / updates from Councillors:
3.3.1. ND. Caring for God’s Acre (CfGA)to carry out autumn cut on 20 October. He will liaise with Community Field Group re arisings being spread on Field to establish wildflowers.
3.3.2. PB. Steps in St James’ churchyard, if repaired, would enable a circular walk around the church – potentially a task for the Volunteers Group. Also a Holly Tree needs trimming – to be mentioned to CfGA by ND.
3.3.3. GF. A request that the Volunteers Group clear overgrown path through orchard on the way up to the Castle.
3.3.4. JM. Temporary signage ready to go up in Elton Pipe Aston (see appendix 3 for examples). Agreed: Clerk to purchase cable ties, who will put them up to be agreed after the meeting.
Pipe Aston has a new WhatsApp group – to improve communication and has arranged an informal residents’ Litter and Ramble group. Noted: amount of litter between Elton and Wigmore is considerable.

4. Minutes. RESOLVED that minutes of the scheduled meeting held 13 September 2021 be signed as a true record.

5. Finance
5.1. Noted: Quarter End report from Responsible Financial Officer. No questions arising.
5.2. Balances were noted and payments approved as in Appendix 1.

6. Planning Responses to applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council
6.1. P213565/XA2 – PP – Approval of details reserved by condition Marlbrook Hall Leinthall Starkes Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HR, Application for approval of details reserved by condition. (193911). Noted: comments not being accepted.

Cllr Brown left the room in accordance with his declaration of interest.

6.2. P213512/K – Works to Trees in a Conservation Area 21st September 2021 Ford Farm Ford Street Wigmore Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9UN, Sycamore Number used on plan (1) this is the only tree on the plan. The tree is 3 metres from the boundary between the field and a holiday caravan park. RESOLVED Wigmore Group Parish Council supports this application.

Cllr Brown returned to the room.

7. Working Groups
Confirmed – membership of groups and lead councillor for each group.
Celebration: Set up to consider post lockdown celebration. Disbanded.
Closed Churchyard: GF & JW. GF lead.
Community Field: GF, LK & PB. LK lead, and one resident who agreed to join the Group as a residents’ representative.
Defibrillator: Set up to find potential site in Pipe Aston/Elton. Disbanded.
Environment: GF, LK, ND & PB. ND lead.
Finance: DW, GF, JW, JH & PB. Clerk to ask JW if he will lead.
Neighbourhood Development Plan: On hold.
Planning: DW, JH & ND. ND lead.
Signatories.: JH, ND & PB. No lead required.
Traffic/C1019: DW, JM & JH. DW lead.
Volunteers: LK and PB. Shared lead.

Noted: ND will support and advise any group as required. Agreed: All members will be invited to join Finance Working Group meetings if they wish.

8. Updates from Working Groups. Updates / recommendations and further action agreed:
8.1. Volunteers Group (VG). Report received:
a) An All Villages get together to meet those interested in volunteering proposed.
Agreed: LK / PB to consider date, location, and cost of get together. To be discussed further in November. All councillors to consider best way to advertise event and encourage volunteers. Noted: Nextdoor app may be useful for publicising information.
b) Two residents have offered to look after The Millennium Green, with help from VG for larger tasks.
c) Two groups of volunteers envisaged, led by LK / PB, to work 5 hrs on weekend day once a month completing tasks identified but not covered by Lengthsman’s contract or Balfour Beatty.
d) Volunteer Policy, Agreement & Risk Assessment template completed. All Volunteers will be asked to sign agreement for insurance purposes. Agreed: Any councillor volunteering will also sign Agreement.
8.1.1. RESOLVED to purchase of 20 x hi-vis vests “WGPC Volunteer” at cost of approx. £106.00
8.2. Community Field. Report received:
a) Wildflower area has been cut and cleared. Decision on wildflower area, paths/sitting areas to be considered, and best practice/choice of contractor for future maintenance. PB will prepare ground for sowing as per advice from CfGA.
b) PB / LK have cleared ground ready to plant hedge at the east end of the Community Field in front of the ditch. Native plants are due for delivery in November. To be planted by Volunteer Group / willing councillors. Date to be confirmed.
c) Requested: a survey of all trees surrounding the Field – a pro-active approach to monitor works required and flag up potential expenditure. Suggested group JW / GF / LK / PB.
d) PB visited Shobdon & Kings Meadow playgrounds. Keen not to duplicate what is already available. Vision – play equipment for young children with seating area for those supervising, next to existing equipment, fenced to prevent access to dogs. Queries: will Bury Lane be widened due to the proposed new development? A 10m strip along the field is held against this eventuality but it is not thought likely. Could a s.106 agreement be requested for a contribution to development of the Field? Clerk to contact Herefordshire Council.
Agreed: To ask parents what they/their children would like included. GF offered to speak to Wigmore School about approaching parents of primary/nursery age groups.
8.2.1. Noted: Play equipment was inspected by two councillors on 10 October.
8.2.2. Additional play equipment. See d) above.
8.3. Tree Warden. Maintenance of Cherry Trees in the Community Field. Item deferred to November.
8.4. Finance. First draft of Budget for 2022/23 discussed. Report from Finance Working Group noted. Agreed: to arrange Zoom meeting specifically to look at Lengthsman/Public Rights of Way costs before discussing budget again at meeting in November.

9. Upcoming Projects. Considered:
9.1. A .gov website and parish councillor email addresses. RESOLVED to transfer website material into a .gov site and set up multiple .gov email addresses for councillors at a cost of £150.
9.2. Offering assistance / financial support for Wigmore Village Show 2022. Noted: A s.137 grant could be applied for, provision for which is included in the Budget for the next financial year.

10. Streetlights. Standing item until completed.
No further update was received to further arrangements for transferring responsibility of 10 streetlights from Wigmore Group Parish Council to Herefordshire Council.

11. Information items, correspondence & training. To note and action, as necessary.
Query 1. Comment about cars parked on School Lane. Noted.
Query 2. When will the sign to the Castle be replaced? Visitors have difficulty finding the way. Does this have to done by Balfour Beatty? A resident has offered to complete the job. Completion date not known. Clerk will find out if can be done by resident. Noted: Permission to install dog bin received. Clerk to order Glasdon Fido 25 – see Minutes July 2021.
Query 3. Concerns (two messages) that Public Lavatories at the Village Hall are being closed. For information, please See Minutes 14 June Appendix 2
Query 4. Complaint about broken glass on School Lane, potentially to stop residents parking there. Noted.
Query 5. From footpath walkers – when will builders’ waste at School Lane be removed? WGPC cannot answer this.
Query 6. Request that budgets for previous years be uploaded to the Parish Council’s website. Task started.
Query 7. Request for information about flooding in Wigmore. Response to resident given.
Query 8. Concern on poor state of roads causing damage to steering and suspension of coaches in Deerfold. Advice on reporting to Herefordshire Council given.
Query 9. Complaint that strimmed grass on the public right of way to the Castle has been left covering the path. Noted: this was removed from path soon after complaint received. No action required.

No further correspondence discussed, or requests for training received.

12. Matters for next scheduled meeting: Monday 8 November 2021.
• Date / publicity arrangements for Volunteers Group ‘get together’, inviting interested parties across the parishes.
• Cherry Trees in the Community Field – deferred from October.
• Second draft of 2022/23 budget
• Status of WGPC/Village Hall MOU

Meeting closed at 21:31

Signed ………………………………………
Cllr Nick Davidson 8 November 2021
Chairman, Wigmore Group Parish Council

Appendix 1

Lloyds Bank Balance on 30 September 2021 £43,152.17 including £25.70 paid to Southern Electric on 20 September for Streetlights, and £9368.00 received (2nd half of annual precept).

Ringfenced funds: Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: maintenance fund £814.09
Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: development fund £8,675.00
Election Fund £2,059.02
Traffic/Signage £3,036.00
Streetlights £2,000.00
Reserve Fund £7,500.00
General Revenue Reserve £5,988.72
TOTAL ringfenced £30,072.83
Un-ringfenced funds available: £13,079.34

Payments for approval. Amounts include VAT where applicable.
**Countrywide Grounds Maintenance August Invoice 189661 £267.00
Wigmore Village Hall Inv 2020-14 for meeting 11 Oct £26.00
Caring for God’s Acre (re Closed Churchyard) Inv. 578 £100.00
Clerk Payroll Month 6 £573.63
HMRC PAYE Month 6 £92.40
Total Payments £1,059.03
Un-ringfenced balance after September Payments £12,241.63
** part from ringfenced funds

Appendix 2


I am led to believe that it is likely that Mark Tansley will be the planning officer who will deal with the 4 holiday homes behind The Castle PH as he is dealing with the retrospective application. As requested, I have asked for a redirection if required for the planning application relating to the Caravan Park. Asking does not mean my request will be accepted.
I have spoken to the applicant at Juniper Cottage and a planning application is expected to be submitted in about a week’s time or possibly longer. All further work has been stopped on the site until the application has been determined.
I have also sent my comments in regarding the holiday lets.
There was a problem with providing broadband via Fastershire to the barn residents at Brinshope but I am hopeful that this has now been resolved.
I will continue to send to the clerk and the chair any information from Herefordshire Council which I believe maybe interesting or useful.
I may not be able to attend your next meeting, if fingers crossed my holiday is not cancelled, but I will send you a report in advance if my holiday goes ahead.
The Council held its budget consultation for parish and town councillors recently, at that meeting it was stated that the administration was considering borrowing a significant sum of money to resurface roads. We will get more information about this after the proposed budget has been considered by Scrutiny committees at the Council. There was also some discussion on re-instating the lengthsman scheme with a contribution from Herefordshire Council. Like the previous scheme the money from HC would be based on number of miles of road in each parish. I have no information about how much money might be available as yet. I am also led to believe that some of the lengthsman work may need to include drainage tasks and that there could be extra money available for those parishes where local groups are carrying out work which should be the responsibility of Balfour Beatty, I will keep you updated on this.
We have our first Full Council meeting since the summer recess on the 8th Oct once again at the Three Counties Hotel. It is likely to last all day and in order to comply with Covid recommendations around ventilation all doors and windows will be open so it will be freezing as previously.
This report is relatively short due to the Council recess.

Appendix 3

Information Items for 11 October 2021

To receive news from the Parish Council – Please subscribe on the website to receive news and agendas for up-and-coming meetings. Add your email on the Home Page of WGPC’s website. Contact the Clerk for help if required.

Elton & Pipe Aston
Speeding traffic in the lanes continues to be a problem. Drivers! Look out for new signs, and please remember…

‘Speed Kills. Kill Your Speed’.
Image of road signs

Parish Councillor Vacancy
There is a vacancy for a Parish Councillor in Wigmore. Applications for co-option are invited.

Bury Lane Community Field
Hedge plants, provided free of charge by the Woodland Trust, are expected in November. They will be planted, by volunteers, at the end of the field in front of the recently cleaned out ditch.

New signs
Look out for signs near the school! Please switch off your engine when waiting. Idling vehicles cause pollution and are a threat to health. Source Road Safety GB

All Parishes
Volunteers Group
A new group is being formed to complete tasks across all parishes in the Group. An All Villages ‘get together’ is planned to meet residents interested in volunteering (date to be announced). What does YOUR area need? Could you help or make suggestions?

Defibrillator – at the Village Hall, Wigmore
The defibrillator had to be sent to America for repair, and a replacement was loaned by Cardiac Science. The original machine has now been returned and put back in its cabinet on the side of Wigmore Village Hall. Thanks are due to a former councillor who arranged this. Thank you!
Planning Updates.
Residents may sign up to receive updates from Herefordshire Council.
P211996/F – Planning Permission Stables Leinthall Starkes Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HP, Proposed single storey extension to the existing house. A retrospective application for a studio outbuilding. A change of use from agricultural land to residential., Determination Made. Approved with conditions.
P213106/K – Works to Trees in a Conservation Area Brook Farm Wigmore Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9UJ, Works proposed to the Copper Beech (location shown on plan). Reduce height by 30%. Uplift and thin by 30%. Presently causing excessive shading and rather unkempt in growth., Determination Made. Trees in Cons Area Works Can Proceed.
P204277/F – Planning Permission White House Farm Barnet Lane Wigmore Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9UG, Proposed agricultural livestock shed., Determination Made. Approved with conditions.

New Queries/reports from residents

1. Comment about cars parked on School Lane.
2. When will the sign to the Castle be replaced? Visitors have difficulty finding the way. Does this have to done by Balfour Beatty? A resident has offered to complete the job.
3. Concerns (two messages) that Public Lavatories at the Village Hall are being closed.
Please See Minutes 14 June Appendix 2.
4. Complaint that broken glass is being placed on School Lane, potentially to stop residents parking there.
5. Query from walkers – when will builders’ waste at School Lane be removed?
6. Request that budgets for previous years be uploaded to the Parish Council’s website.
7. Request for information about flooding in Wigmore.
8. Concern on poor state of roads causing damage to steering and suspension of coaches in Deerfold.
9. Complaint that strimmed grass on the public right of way to the Castle has been left covering the path.

8 October 2021 clerk@wigmoregrouppc.co.uk 07398 222 310