Leinthall Starkes AND Wigmore – Annual Meeting for both parishes – Thu 6 May at 6pm

Leinthall Starkes Parish and Wigmore Parish
Annual Meeting
Via Zoom at 6pm, Thursday 6 May 2021
Meeting ID 912 7374 5220 Passcode 333978

The Annual Parish Meeting, although chaired by a parish councillor, is a meeting of the Parish, for members of the electorate to express their concerns on local matters. It is a statutory requirement that every parish holds an Annual Parish Meeting.
All residents of Leinthall Starkes and Wigmore Parishes are invited to join the meeting. Please either click on the link above, or ask the Clerk, Maggie Brown, for further details.

Contact details
The Clerk, Maggie Brown, 07398 222 310, clerk@wigmoregrouppc.co.uk


1. Introduction and welcome by Councillor Nick Davidson.

2. An invitation to the public to raise any matters of interest.


Nick Davidson
Cllr Nick Davidson
Wigmore Parish Councillor
WGPC Chairman

Date 26 April 2021