Agenda – Parish Council Meeting 11 April 2022

For links to planning applications please download pdf copy Agenda April 2022

Wigmore Group Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to the scheduled Parish Council Meeting
Monday 11 April 2022 at 7.00pm at Wigmore Village Hall
following the Wigmore Annual Parish Meeting which starts at 6pm.

The Press & Public are cordially invited to attend.


1. Apologies. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To receive Declarations of interest and written requests for dispensations.
3. Open Session
3.1. To receive report from Ward Cllr Carole Gandy
3.2. To receive views of residents on parish matters
3.3. To receive updates from Councillors.

4. Minutes. To approve minutes of the scheduled meeting 14 March 2022.

5. Finance.
5.1. To receive Year End Financial Report from the Responsible Financial Officer.
5.2. To note bank balance and approve payments in Appendix 1.

6. Planning To consider responses to applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council.
6.1. P220447/FH – Full Householder The Cottage Leinthall Starkes Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HL, Proposed detached garden room, containing study, kitchen, occasional bedroom and bathroom (ancillary) and proposed first floor (elevated) extension to house., Valid Extension to 12 Apr agreed.
6.2. P220927/F – Planning Permission Marlbrook Hall Leinthall Starkes Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HR, Proposed variation of conditions 9 & 11 of planning permission 193911 (Erection of an extension to an existing poultry unit including silos and all associated work) – to use a higher performance air scrubber and change of colour of the facing material to Moorland Green , Valid Deadline 30 April.
6.3. P220764/F – Planning Permission White House Farm Barnet Lane Wigmore Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9UG, Livestock shed in the proximity of the farmyard, to house cattle in the winter months (retrospective). , Valid Deadline 22 April.
6.4. P214251/F – Planning Permission Re-consultation re Juniper Cottage Pipe Aston Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HG, Proposed 35x18m manege and associated groundworks. , Valid. Please see amended documents. Deadline 15 April.
6.5. P220747. Link not available. Old Juniper Cottage, Pipe Aston, Ludlow, Herefordshire SY8 2HG
Extension to Old Juniper Cottage in the Picturesque tradition. Deadline 28 April.

7. St James Church and Churchyard, Wigmore
7.1. To note update received from the Vice-Chair of Wigmore Abbey Parochial Church Council regarding cleaning and opening of the church allowing access for visitors and pilgrims and to consider action by the Parish Council if required.
7.2. To consider further letter to the Diocese requesting an update on potential permanent closure of the church.
7.3. To consider safety testing monuments and gravestones at the closed churchyard.
7.4. To consider installation of durable fencing on northern boundary of the churchyard further to removal of tree limb.
7.5. To consider action required to prevent further green waste being fly-tipped in/around the closed churchyard.

8. Severn Trent Water. To consider request for temporary access route for site construction works.

9. To consider twinning Wigmore with a town of an equivalent size in Ukraine.
10. To consider expressing criticism/no confidence in Herefordshire Council’s spending policy.
11. To consider purchase of litter picking equipment.

12. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. To receive update following open General Meeting held by/for residents on 30 March. and consider decisions required to further plans for a celebration.

13. Streetlights. Standing item until completed.
Having accepted that 8 of 10 lights will be transferred to Herefordshire Council, to consider caveat proposed by Herefordshire Council precluding the Parish Council from requesting additional lighting.

14. Highways/Public Rights of Way
14.1. To consider accessibility of gate/stile on Public Right of Way WQ1 leading to the field.
14.2. To consider condition of road between Leinthall Starkes and Burrington. U92202
14.3. To consider writing to Herefordshire Council, Bill Wiggin MP and Balfour Beatty on state of roads across the parishes.

15. Bury Lane Playing Field.
15.1. To note monthly inspections of play equipment completed on 2 April.
15.2. To note new play equipment installed.
15.3. To consider potential dog agility area on Bury Lane Playing Fields.

16. Information items, correspondence & training. To note and action, as necessary
17. To raise matters for next scheduled meeting: Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, followed by scheduled meeting on Monday 9 May 2022 to be held at Leinthall Starkes as agreed in March.

Mrs Maggie Brown, Clerk to the Council
Email Telephone 07398 222 310 6 April 2022

Appendix 1

Lloyds Bank Balance @ 31 March 2022 £32,769.06
Payment to Active Garden Ltd (for playground equipment) on 4 April -£7,787.08
Lloyds Bank Balance @ 5 April 2022 £24,981.98

Ringfenced: Election Fund £2,059.02; Traffic/Signage £2,918.00; Streetlights £2,000.00; Reserve Fund £7,500.00; General Revenue Reserve £5,194.27; TOTAL ringfenced £19,671.29 Un-ringfenced: £5,310.69

Payments for approval. Amounts include VAT where applicable.
Clerk Payroll Month 12 £573.43
HMRC PAYE Month 12 £92.60
Clerk Expenses – Microsoft 365 annual subscription £59.99
Total Payments £726.02