Agenda Annual Meeting of the Parish Council & Scheduled May Meeting 6 May via Zoom

Wigmore Group Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to join the Annual Parish Council Meeting on
Thursday 6 May 2021 at 7.00pm via Zoom.
Meeting ID 945 9442 8206 Passcode 008533
To be followed by the Scheduled May Meeting at approximately 7.30pm

The Press & Public are cordially invited to join the meetings, or to submit a comment or question for the Parish Council. For further information please contact the Clerk, Maggie Brown, 07398 222 310 or or The Quern, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, SY7 0BW.


1. To elect the Chairman of the Council and to receive Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
2. To elect the Vice Chairman of the Council and to receive Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
3. Apologies. To receive apologies for absence.
4. To receive Declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations.

5. To consider approving and adopting the following:
5.1. Code of Conduct
5.2. Standing Orders
5.3. Financial Regulations
5.4. Risk Management Policy

6. To agree the membership of Working Groups:
Finance; Community & Playing Field; Environment; Traffic Calming; Parish Paths Officer; Defibrillator Liaison.

7. To confirm arrangements for 2021/22:
7.1. Bank Mandate
7.2. Meeting dates
7.3. Internal Auditor
7.4. Delegation Policy
7.5. Registers of Interest

Wigmore Group Parish Council Scheduled Meeting
Following the Annual Meeting of the Group Parish Council


8. Open Session
8.1. To receive report from Ward Cllr Carole Gandy
8.2. To receive views of residents on parish matters.

9. Minutes. Motion. To approve minutes of scheduled meeting 22 April 2021.

10. Finance
10.1. To receive report from Finance Working Group.
10.2. To receive and note the Annual Internal Auditor’s Report.
10.3. To approve Annual Governance Statement, section 1 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR).
10.4. To approve Accounting Statement, section 2 of the AGAR.
10.5. To agree proposed dates for the exercise of public rights, 14/6/2021 – 23/7/2021
10.6. To note that AGAR forms will be signed by the Chairman at a later date.
10.7. Motion. To note payments made between meetings as in Appendix 1.
10.8. Payments. Motion. To approve payments as in Appendix 1.

11. Planning. To consider responses to applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
11.1. Planning Consultation – 211098 – Gotherment House, Wigmore, Leominster, Herefordshire HR6 9UF. Proposed renovation and conversion of existing granary at Gotherment House into ancillary living accommodation. Deadline 18 May.
11.2. Planning Re-consultation – 210338 – Elton Farm, Elton, Herefordshire, SY8 2HQ. Variation of Condition 4 and 5 following grant of planning permission 192220/F (Proposed barn conversion to be used as annexe accommodation to Elton Farm) – To allow for short term holiday let use’. Amended development description. Deadline 18 May.

12. To receive an update on Planning Matters re Holiday Home park to the rear of the Castle Inn and agree appropriate action.

13. To consider hosting a community BBQ or Hog roast on Bury Lane Field to celebrate end of lockdown.

14. To consider writing to the Diocese in relation to reports that the locked Church of St James is being used for private storage purposes.

15. Bury Lane Playing Field. To note monthly inspection of play equipment.

16. Streetlights
To consider any action required to further arrangements for transferring responsibility of 10 streetlights from Wigmore Group Parish Council to Herefordshire Council.

17. Condition of Assets. To receive report on condition of assets and agree repairs/maintenance of assets as required.

18. Information items, correspondence & training. To note and action, as necessary.

19. To raise matters for next scheduled meeting: Monday 14 June 2021.

Mrs Maggie Brown, Clerk to the Council
Email Telephone 07398 222 310
28 April 2021

Appendix 1


Lloyds Bank Balance at 15/4/2021 29,987.95
Less payments made between meetings: Electricity for Streetlights (26.01)
Plus receipt of Precept (1st half) 9,368.00
Lloyds Bank Balance at 28/4/2021 39,329.94

Ringfenced funds: Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: maintenance fund 3,445.01
Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: development fund 8,675.00
Election Fund 2,059.02
Traffic/Signage 3,036.00
Streetlights 2,000.00
Reserve Fund 7,500.00
General Revenue Reserve 3,755.13
TOTAL ringfenced 30,470.16
Un-ringfenced funds available: 8,859.78

Payments for approval. Amounts include VAT where applicable.
D M Payroll Services – fee for internal audit 2020-21 100.00
Clerk Payroll Month 1 573.63
HMRC PAYE Month 1 92.40
Wigmore Village Hall rental of Clerk’s Cupboard Jan to Mar 2021 65.00
Total Payments 831.03
Un-ringfenced balance after May Payments 8,028.75