Agenda 14 June 2021

Wigmore Group Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to join the scheduled Parish Council Meeting on
Monday 14 June 2021 at 7.00pm at Wigmore Village Hall

The Press & Public are cordially invited to attend.

If more than 6 members of public attend, the meeting may be moved outside (weather permitting) or closed, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Names and contact details of members / public attending will be collected by the Clerk and kept for 21 days for track and trace purposes. Residents are encouraged to wear face masks.
To help with these arrangements it would be helpful to know if you are coming to the meeting. If you prefer not to attend, you are welcome to submit a question or comment in writing. Please contact the Clerk, Maggie Brown, or The Quern, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, SY7 0BW, 07398 222 310.


1. Apologies. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To receive Declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations.
3. Open Session
3.1. To receive report from Ward Cllr Carole Gandy
3.2. To receive views of residents on parish matters.
4. Minutes. To approve minutes of the Annual & scheduled meetings 6 May 2021.
5. To note Vacancy on the Parish Council.
6. Finance
6.1. To agree response to Village Hall Manager in relation to email received.
6.2. To agree £50 cost for identification verification for update of contact address with Land Registry (Bury Lane Community Field.)
6.3. To agree £1.99 monthly payment for HP printer ink (free trial already set up).
6.4. To note payments made between meetings as in Appendix 1.
6.5. Payments. To approve payments as in Appendix 1.
7. Planning. To consider responses to applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council:
7.1. P211187/FH – Full Householder Holly Tree Cottage Elton Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HQ, Demolition of two lean-to extensions. Proposed refurbishment and single storey extensions. Existing garage restored and lean-to store rebuilt. Deadline 23 June
7.2. P211188/L – Listed Building Consent Holly Tree Cottage Elton Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HQ, Demolition of two lean-to extensions. Proposed refurbishment and single storey extensions. Existing garage restored and lean-to store rebuilt. Deadline 23 June
8. To receive an update on Planning Matters re Holiday Home Park to the rear of the Castle Inn and agree appropriate action.
9. To receive a report from the Celebration Working Group on hosting a community BBQ or hog roast on Bury Lane Field to celebrate end of lockdown.

10. Mortimer Voices. To consider options for the future of Mortimer Voices
11. Poors Wood Common. To consider contacting Forestry England to request thinner ash trunks and ‘arisings’ left in situ be removed.
12. Lengthsman. To agree system for checking works completed prior to payment.
13. Bury Lane Playing Field. To note monthly inspection of play equipment.

14. Streetlights.
To consider any action required to further arrangements for transferring responsibility of 10 streetlights from Wigmore Group Parish Council to Herefordshire Council.
15. Condition of Assets. To receive report on condition of assets and agree repairs/maintenance of assets as required. (Deferred from May).
16. Leinthall Starkes Phone Box.
16.1. To consider installing a notice board inside the box
16.2. To explore possibilities of installing a defibrillator inside the box.
17. To agree Clerk’s Appraisal be arranged in accordance with Standing Order 19c.
18. Information items, correspondence & training. To note and action, as necessary.
19. To raise matters for next scheduled meeting: Monday 12 July 2021.

Mrs Maggie Brown, Clerk to the Council
Email Telephone 07398 222 310 9 June 2021

Appendix 1


Lloyds Bank Balance at 28/4/2021 39,329.94
Less May payments -831.03
Plus refund from Balfour Beatty for streetlight repairs 408.59
Less payments made between meetings
Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Inv. 159880** -587.00
Came & Co. Insurance 2021/22 -409.19
Southern Electric – Streetlights DD -26.64
Lloyds Bank Balance @ 6 June 2021 37,884.67

Ringfenced funds: Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: maintenance fund 3,287.09
Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: development fund 8,675.00
Election Fund 2,059.02
Traffic/Signage 3,036.00
Streetlights 2,000.00
Reserve Fund 7,500.00
General Revenue Reserve 3,423.88
TOTAL ringfenced 29,980.99
Un-ringfenced funds available: 7,903.68

Payments for approval. Amounts include VAT where applicable.
Playsafe Playgrounds Inv 7173 – repairs to swing and zip wire April/May 2021** 1,944.00
Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Inv 165411 1-31 March* 267.00
Countrywide Grounds Maintenance Inv 169166 1-30 April* 267.00
Clerk Payroll Month 2 573.43
HMRC PAYE Month 2 92.60
Clerk Expenses May & June # 101.45
Total Payments 3,245.48
Un-ringfenced balance after June Payments 6,593.74

** from ringfenced funds. * of which £157.92 is from ringfenced funds.
# Zoom £7.20; Mileage £16.20; Postage £2.25; Society of Local Council Clerks Subscription £75.80