Agenda 11 October 2021

Wigmore Group Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to join the scheduled Parish Council Meeting on
Monday 11 October 2021 at 7.00pm at Wigmore Village Hall

The Press & Public are cordially invited to attend.

A presentation to the Parish Council by Mr John Williams BA of PlanIT Planning and Development Ltd, on a proposed development, Perryfields, in Bury Lane. PlanIT will arrange a separate meeting for residents. 15 Minutes.


1. Apologies. To receive apologies for absence.
2. To receive Declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations.
3. Open Session
3.1. To receive report from Ward Cllr Carole Gandy
3.2. To receive views of residents on parish matters
3.3. To receive reports / updates from Councillors (not relating to items on tonight’s Agenda).

4. Minutes. To approve minutes of the scheduled meeting 13 September 2021.

5. Finance
5.1. To receive Quarter End report from Responsible Financial Officer
5.2. To note balances and approve payments as in Appendix 1.

6. Planning To consider responses to applications to be determined by Herefordshire Council
6.1. P213565/XA2 – PP – Approval of details reserved by condition Marlbrook Hall Leinthall Starkes Ludlow Herefordshire SY8 2HR, Application for approval of details reserved by condition. (193911). Note: not accepting comments.
6.2. P213512/K – Works to Trees in a Conservation Area 21st September 2021 Ford Farm Ford Street Wigmore Leominster Herefordshire HR6 9UN, Sycamore Number used on plan (1) this is the only tree on the plan. The tree is 3 metres from the boundary between the field and a holiday caravan park. Deadline 13 October.

7. Working Groups
To confirm membership of groups and select lead councillor for each group.

8. Updates from Working Groups. To receive updates / recommendations and agree further action:
8.1. Volunteers.
8.1.1. Purchase of 20 x hi-vis vests “WGPC Volunteer”.
8.2. Community Field.
8.2.1. Date of monthly inspection of play equipment.
8.2.2. Additional play equipment.
8.3. Tree Warden. Maintenance of Cherry Trees in the Community Field.
8.4. Finance. Draft Budget for 2022/23.

9. Upcoming Projects. To consider:
9.1. A .gov website and parish councillor email addresses.
9.2. Offering assistance / financial support for Wigmore Village Show 2022.

10. Streetlights. Standing item until completed.
To consider any action required to further arrangements for transferring responsibility of 10 streetlights from Wigmore Group Parish Council to Herefordshire Council.

11. Information items, correspondence & training. To note and action, as necessary.

12. To raise matters for next scheduled meeting: Monday 8 November 2021.

Mrs Maggie Brown, Clerk to the Council
Email Telephone 07398 222 310 6 October 2021

Appendix 1

Lloyds Bank Balance at 30 September 2021 £43,152.17 including £25.70 paid to Southern Electric on 20 September for Streetlights, and £9368.00 received (2nd half of annual precept).

Ringfenced funds: Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: maintenance fund £814.09
Bury Lane Community & Playing Field: development fund £8,675.00
Election Fund £2,059.02
Traffic/Signage £3,036.00
Streetlights £2,000.00
Reserve Fund £7,500.00
General Revenue Reserve £5,988.72
TOTAL ringfenced £30,072.83
Un-ringfenced funds available: £13,079.34

Payments for approval. Amounts include VAT where applicable.
**Countrywide Grounds Maintenance August Invoice 189661 £267.00
Wigmore Village Hall Inv 2020-14 for meeting 11 Oct £26.00
Caring for God’s Acre (re Closed Churchyard) Inv. 578 £100.00
Clerk Payroll Month 6 £573.63
HMRC PAYE Month 6 £92.40
Total Payments £1,059.03
Un-ringfenced balance after September Payments £12,241.63
** part from ringfenced funds